Buchlava in C​+​+ (for electronic music geeks only)

by Dave Hamara

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Here is one for you serious electronic music geeks. This is another case of "better release it before I break it" - 41 tracks so far, I'm afraid if I add any more layers I will create white noise ^_^
I have always been fascinated by the music that came out of the San Francisco Tape Music Center in the mid 60s, recorded on the very first Buchla modular synths with the only effects being a spring reverb, tape effects, and a very crude chorus made with spinning loudspeakers ("Leslie"). My hopes to be able to push the ZynAddSubFx synth to operate in this mode were dashed when I discovered that, in true MIDI style, all of the GUI controls are limited to integers from 0 to 127 - FAR too coarse to emulate the highly interactive performance nature of the Buchla synths, which don't even have keyboards.
But being a fairly clever guy, and with a great deal of help from @VDXi (check him out - he's good), I dug into the C++ guts of the synth and managed to hack in a few full floating point automation channels from the VST host. So may I present "Buchlava in C++", recorded in Reaper using only ZynAddSubFX, ReaVerb, ReaDelay, and ReaEQ, as well as tape effects such as playing a passage backwards, rendering it, then reversing the audio.


released September 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Dave Hamara Vail, Arizona

Dave Hamara is an analog electronic musician and keyboard player from the 80s who was time-warped into the age of digital synthesis, where he has finally found a home. Influenced by electronic musicians such as Jean-Michael Jarre and Isao Tomita, and keyboardists like Rick Wakeman and Jürgen Fritz, Dave brings a fresh and somewhat whimsical voice to modern electronic music. ... more

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